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Recent News

Merriweather Park at Symphony Woods

Over the past few years, Integrated Insight has partnered with Strategic Leisure on analytical support for a new development in Columbia, Maryland (Howard County) – Merriweather Park at Symphony Woods. Frank Hecker, a resident of Howard County, wrote this extensive article about the work we accomplished to help bring Merriweather Park from concept to reality.

Recent Customer Service Issues in the News

The recent incident of removing passengers from a sold-out United flight to make room for United crew (no, it was not “overbooked” as even this author alludes) just brought to light the many failures in customer service of late. So many points in this article by Jonathan Lansner ring true, from “big data” not accounting for the human component, to corporations with a razor focus on quarterly profit and a lack of passion for the customer. It isn’t easy building a culture centered around the customer, and even harder still sustaining. Good read.

Study Reveals Tech Plays Important Role in Trip Planning

Recently, Integrated Insight partnered with the Consumer Technology Association to research consumer perceptions and opinions relative to experiences and technology while traveling. About eight in 10 fell into the “doer” group – those that enjoy doing things more than owning things – and technology plays an important role in both planning travel and helping out during their trip. Read more here.


Annual pass product plays a critical role in theme park profitability. “It’s a cost-effective way to drive multi visits from residents,” said Scott Sanders, president of consulting firm Integrated Insight and a former Disney executive. Theme parks “can gear their passes and their blockout days to have palatable price points to encourage visitation and upsell.”  Read more of this Orlando Sentinel article by Sandra Pedecini here.