Helping Organizations
Out-behave the Competition.
INDUSTRIES & CLIENTS Discover the power of insights and data analytics. Why team with us? SERVICES

Helping Organizations
Out-behave the Competition.
INDUSTRIES & CLIENTS Discover the power of insights and data analytics. Why team with us? SERVICES

By marrying the consumer's value proposition to that of the business, we develop holistic strategies that consistently result in double-digit improvement in revenue and profitability, generating over $2 billion in incremental revenue for our clients since 2009.

Core Competencies

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Serving Major Brands Worldwide

Integrated Insight helps public, private, and not-for-profit companies reach their full potential, leveraging analytics and real-world experience to find viable solutions to complex situations.


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Solving Complex Business Problems

Slide The Biltmore Estate - When Less is More OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY The Biltmore Estate is an extensive 8,000+ acre property in North Carolina with multiple attractions. Biltmore asked Integrated Insight to determine the optimal routing structure for their property-wide bus service for each period of seasonal demand. An agent-based simulation was developed, taking into account guest arrival rates, destination, loading/unloading time, and bus capacities. These assumptions were based on in-person and automated data collection, systems data, and previous project experience. The simulations provided key insight for management to optimize costs and improve the guest experience by reducing the number of buses, thereby eliminating congestion and longer waits.
Slide Dreamworld - Knowing Your Value PRICING AND PROMOTION STRATEGY Located on the Gold Coast of Australia, Dreamworld theme park offers a variety of attractions and animal experiences and also has an adjacent waterpark, WhiteWater World. To fully realize the potential of Dreamworld, Integrated Insight was engaged to conduct brand research and develop a holistic pricing strategy. Research informed awareness, perceptions and knowledge of the park, as well as primary motivators and barriers to visitation. The pricing strategy leveraged the unique assets of Dreamworld to provide guests choice and deliver an excellent value for price paid. Included were structural pricing, promotions, and distribution strategy. Slide Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau - Best Practices in Visitor Profiling IN-PERSON RESEARCH Integrated Insight has partnered with the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau for several years, conducting an ongoing Visitor Profile survey for Miami-Dade county and forecasting visitor volume. The in-house Integrated Insight field team conducts surveys daily at MIA and FLL as well as area attractions and places frequented by tourists. Full survey results are reported monthly and visitor estimates prepared quarterly leveraging surveys and secondary data (occupancy, airport arrivals, transfers, etc.). Florida residents are surveyed monthly to capture their visitation behavior to South Florida. Annually, Integrated Insight produces a comprehensive report for distribution to members of the bureau. Slide The Fresh Market - Understanding Consumer Behavior in a Competitive Industry Brand Tracking Research The Fresh Market competes in the high-end grocery market and is known for fresh meat, seafood and produce, as well as exceptional customer service. To better understand potential customer appeal, wants and needs, and to grow market share, The Fresh Market commissioned Integrated Insight to conduct quantitative research to size their opportunity and uncover primary barriers and motivations. Awareness and knowledge, as well as perceptions of product quality, variety, and customer service were studied among consumers who live within easy access to The Fresh Market. Slide New York Botanical Garden - Blooming Through Special Exhibitions DEMAND AND REVENUE FORECASTING The New York Botanical Garden hosts over one million visitors annually, many of them coming for special exhibitions. The Garden had outgrown its existing exhibition space and prioritized expansion as a key strategic initiative. To assist with strategic planning, NYBG engaged Integrated Insight to determine the market potential for future visitors, both locals and tourists, test concepts to incent demand among all audiences, and measure potential demand and revenue from the new concepts. Slide meow wolf case study Meow Wolf - An Art Explosion Market and competitive assessment Meow Wolf, a pioneering arts and entertainment experience, engaged Integrated Insight for guidance on growth into new markets. Leveraging secondary research, an assessment of potential new markets was created that included detailed market demographics, an inventory of existing entertainment options, and a review of price positioning. Site evaluations were performed to identify viable locations within a market. Slide Universal Parks and Resorts - Driving Revenue Through Optimal Pricing and Promotions Conjoint and discrete choice research Integrated Insight has supported Universal Parks and Resorts with strategic pricing consultation, leveraging discrete-choice research. Several studies have been conducted at Universal Orlando, Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Japan to understand pricing leverage, dynamic pricing opportunity and optimal ticket product offering. Models, coupled with our expertise in the industry, are used to estimate the value of new pricing and promotional strategies and subsequent impact on demand. Slide Cedar Fair Entertainment - Riding to New Heights Through Brand Research AWARENESS AND BRAND TRACKING RESEARCH Integrated Insight supports Cedar Fair with seasonal brand and advertising tracking studies to assess a number of strategic initiatives including brand perceptions, advertising awareness, and how well the creative content and messaging resonates. These studies allow Cedar Fair to be fluid in marketing execution and spending, and to target the right consumers with the right messages.



"The team at Integrated Insight have helped us on many projects over the past 10 years. Their strategic insights have consistently delivered significantly increased revenues and profitability - without fail."

- Eli Stovall, Owner, Icon Attractions, LLC

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"Having been the client of many millions of dollars of consultants over my career, I cannot over emphasize the importance of the working relationship that Integrated Insight establishes and extends with its clients."

Michael McCall. Chief Strategy Officer, Fair Oaks Farms

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"Integrated Insight is one of my most trusted partners. They are my go-to team anytime complex analysis, research or pricing assessments are required. If I were Sherlock, they would be my Watson."

- Denise Godreau, Former Chief Brand & Innovation Officer, Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Featured Case Studies

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Identifying Reopening Strategies For Major League Baseball Stadium

Post COVID-19, Major League Baseball stadium operators faced challenges figuring out how to safe­ly wel­come guests back. To help an MLB stadium plan for a safe and successful opening, Integrated Insight used agent-based simulation to model the effect of oper­a­tional sce­nar­ios on guest traf­fic flow to iden­ti­fy poten­tial fric­tion points, crowd­ing, and excess queue times. The model simulated guest arrival, ticket scan, security screening, and navigation to seats with adjustments for social distancing.

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Optimizing Revenue for Major Theme Park Clients

For over a decade, Integrated Insight has provided consulting and research services for major theme parks worldwide. Our primary focus is on demand generation; strategic and promotional pricing; and channel management. Efforts have included ongoing strategic advisement and consultation under a multi-year retainer; numerous pricing research studies; assessment of channel distribution strategy; research to determine incrementality of promotional offers; pricing for food and beverage and merchandise; and pricing for ancillary services. Pricing projects have consistently delivered double-digit improvement in net income through holistically evaluating the operation and pricing where consumers place value.

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Identifying Market Segments for Brightline Rail Expansion

Integrated Insight supported Brightline, a high-speed passenger rail system connecting cities in South Florida, with segmentation research. The research helped Brightline determine core audience segments, size geographic and behavioral markets, and determine entry-level pricing. In addition, Integrated Insight conducts ad hoc research studies and ongoing brand tracking research for Brightline.

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