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How to Conduct an Efficiency Summit

An efficiency summit is a gathering of key stakeholders with the specific goal to identify opportunities to improve operational efficiency. This is accomplished through structured observations and data analysis.

Customer Loyalty Programs: The Ultimate Guide

Loyalty programs have become commonplace for retailers in today’s market. Determining the correct program to implement can make a difference in the value of the loyalty program for consumers and your business.

Q&A: Get to Know Terry Dolan, Managing Research Director of Research Operations at Integrated Insight

With over 30 years of experience in research operations, Terry Dolan, Director at Integrated Insight, has a lot of stories to share.

Finding Operational Efficiency in a Covid-19 World and Beyond

Agent-based simulation modeling enables companies to resolve operational limitations with Covid-19 restrictions. Finding process improvements will allow venues to put on seasonal events in 2020 safely.

Indianapolis Colts At Jacksonville Jaguars – Were Conditions Safe for Spectators?

The Jaguars were the only team in the NFL playing opening weekend who allowed fans in the stadium. What can stadium operators learn?

The Temptation and Risk of Discounting in a Covid-19 World

As businesses reopen, many are grappling with the need to discount to generate demand. While it may seem like the right thing to do, will discounting really help generate profitable demand?

Optimizing Restaurant Space To Increase Sales During COVID-19

With capacity constraints and space limitations, restaurants need to optimize the utilization of space available to increase daily sales.

Alternatives to Program Cuts for College Athletics

College athletics is facing an existential crisis. How can non-revenue sports programs be saved?

Solving Elevator Transportation During COVID-19 With Simulation Modeling

In our experience, we’ve found that agent-based simulation is the best option for mitigating elevator operation with social distancing.

Let’s Get Personal: Getting the Most out of B2B Survey Invitations

Let’s look at best practices for B2B surveys to make the most out of invitations, leading to happier respondents and better research.

5 Cost-Effective Restaurant Marketing Strategies during the Coronavirus Era

Proactive marketing can be an effective tool for restaurants, but with limited cash flow, how should restaurants be advertising, and how should marketing priorities change?

How To Maximize Restaurant Throughput By Minimizing Table Turn Time

How can food and beverage locations maximize throughput given that they can’t serve as many people in the dining room at once?

Menu Strategies for Restaurants During Coronavirus Crisis

In order to survive the upcoming economic challenges, restaurants need to implement menu engineering to improve the bottom line.

How to Determine Operational Capacity in a Covid-19 World

Determining the right operational capacity for establishments depend on four key items: space, customer density, operational flow, and process time.

How Loyalty Programs Can Help Businesses in Post-Covid Economy

Customer loyalty programs help businesses in the post COVID economy by increasing customer retention and achieving low customer acquisition costs.

Generational Perspectives on the New Economy

While young adults have fewer personal health concerns in regards to the coronavirus, financial concerns tell us a different story.

Myth-Busting In-Person Research in a Socially Distanced World

Let’s take a look at the myths held on to by market researchers to understand why now is a good time to implement in-person research.

How Agent-Based Simulation Can Help Reduce Impact of Queue Management Post COVID-19

Queue management has a significant impact on the bottom line. Efficient queues increase throughput, brand loyalty, and customer satisfaction.

You Can’t Cut Your Way To Profitability – Rethink Your Revenue Strategy

In a downturn, many companies make severe cost cuts that sacrifice total revenue and profit margin.

Adapting Your Marketing Plans for the Coronavirus Downturn

The COVID-19 outbreak presents marketers with tough decisions. For many, this may be the most crucial time in their company’s history to stay connected to audiences.

Pricing Strategies To Focus On During The Coronavirus Pandemic

In times of crisis, there is risk of making short term pricing decisions that will have long term impacts.

How to Communicate Pricing

After you have researched and created a strategy, how are you supposed to communicate pricing to consumers? A well-designed pricing...

Why Focus on Pricing?

It is important to focus on pricing to achieve profitability. Increasing revenue will help alleviate some of the cost pain for business owners.

How to Develop a Successful Pricing Strategy

These principles will help your strategy execution by keeping the focus on the end goal and providing a tool for sorting through strategic options.

Successful Promotional Pricing Strategies

Discounts and promotions, if executed well, are an effective way to help boost revenue. Over the past decade, we have become firm believers that leading with the consumer consistently produces optimal and sustainable results.

The Making of Magic Your Way

The principals of Integrated Insight, Inc. designed, developed, and implemented Magic Your Way, the most sweeping change in revenue strategy in Walt Disney Company history.