Integrated Insight Monthly Newsletter-May 2017

Integrated Insight Monthly Newsletter-May 2017

Topgolf – More Than Just a Driving Range

Topgolf – where food, fun, and entertainment meet driving range – is clearly on top of their game. With new locations opening throughout 2017, Topgolf is fast becoming one of the most fun and repeatable entertainment experiences for people of all ages. Integrated Insight recently partnered with Topgolf to improve overall revenue by holistically examining pricing, marketing, sales, and operational efficiency for locations across the U.S. For more about Topgolf and to find a location near you (because I know you’re dying to go), visit







How Much Incremental Revenue Did That Latest Promotion Drive?

Businesses are often quick to pull the trigger on promotions to drive more demand, but how quickly do you follow-up with some hard analysis to see if it really worked? Too often, we assume a lift in volume made the promotion worthwhile, but did it really? When it comes to promotions, fences make good neighbors.  The rules and procedures that keep the offer valid only for the intended audience will help minimize dilution from those customers willing to pay full price. Broad offers on the other hand – those typically available to anyone who is paying the least bit of attention – almost always carry heavier dilution. That is what you need to measure. Did the extra volume pay off the dilution from everyone else?

CareerSource Florida – Staying Strong






Integrated Insight has been fortunate to work with CareerSource Florida over the past few years, first with i.d.e.a.s and True North Marketing and Public Relations to build the brand, and now with Moore Communications, with whom we partner on many projects.  CareerSource (formerly Workforce Florida) made Florida the first state in the nation to achieve aligned brands for its state board, 24 regional workforce development boards and nearly 100 career centers. Now, three years later, tracking research shows phenomenal growth in awareness and perceptions. Congratulations CareerSource!

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