Carnival Cruise Line Case Study

carnival cruise line integrated insight case study carnival cruise line integrated insight case study

Carnival Cruise Line Case Study

Carnival Casino Rewards

Carnival Cruise Line operates casinos in all 26 of their ships and did not have a loyalty rewards program beyond some surprise and delight offerings to certain players.  Carnival was interested in understanding the main drivers of behavior among casino passengers.  Integrated Insight developed a discrete choice research study to understand passenger trade-offs to identify the optimal mix of benefits for a rewards program.

With a broad range of casino players, benefits were customized by four different levels of play. This created a unique program for each niche segment. Integrated Insight developed a model to account for costs and dilution associated with each potential benefit to derive the net profit for each program alternative.  In addition to specific program recommendations, our team created an interactive simulator that allowed Carnival to run an almost limitless number of operation scenarios.

Carnival Attitudes and Usage Research

Carnival Cruise Line engaged Integrated Insight to conduct research in nine key destination marketing areas to provide data critical in their annual marketing planning. For each market, demographic and psychographic profiles painted a picture of the consumer and their travel motivators.

Past experience, attitudes towards cruising, and future cruise intent helped size the potential of each market. In order to identify messaging opportunities for each market, Integrated Insight collected consumer attitudes, considerations, and barriers for Carnival Cruises specifically.

Integrated Insight developed a detailed, insightful report for each market that included summary “snapshots” to highlight the overall takeaways and differences between markets.


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