Darien Lake Theme Park and Resort

Darien Lake Theme Park and Resort is a popular destination outside of Buffalo, NY. The park engaged Integrated Insight to conduct a strategic revenue assessment on its theme park and resort operation to improve operating income while maintaining or exceeding the guest experience, and to design, implement and report on ongoing guest satisfaction metrics.

Results of the revenue assessment indicated an opportunity to unbundle the resort and theme park tickets to realize the full value of each. This also improved the value proposition for parties of less than four guests, and eliminated confusion around entitlements. Integrated Insight also assisted with setting rate structures for the now individually priced rooms, and implementing revenue management practices to optimize average daily rate.

To enable timely reporting of guest satisfaction data, emails were collected in the parks daily, surveys sent, and reports compiled monthly. Operators could log onto the system to view responses, including feedback through open ended questions in real time, thus being able to respond immediately to situations that needed to be addressed.


Baseline and Tracking Research, Market Assessment, Marketing, Sales, and Distribution Strategies, Pricing Strategy, Revenue and Profit Optimization