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Dollywood Case Study

Herschend Family Entertainment has engaged Integrated Insight on numerous projects. A Strategic Revenue Assessment of the Dollywood theme park, Splash Country water-park, DreamMore hotel, and cabins, included admissions pricing and bundling, food and beverage, merchandise, resort room rates and ancillary pricing. This holistic approach to revenue strategy enabled the organization to capitalize on the Dollywood value proposition and provide pricing that met the needs of multiple constituencies, resulting in double-digit improvement in EBITDA. A Feasibility Assessment to understand the potential impact of expanded park and resort operations was also conducted. Primary research was fielded among Dollywood’s current target audience as well as expanded reach into new, more distant markets to understand awareness, motivations, and barriers to visiting, and to test new concepts. This information, coupled with secondary market and competitive data, led to determining the level of incremental attendance and resort occupancy that could be achieved with additional build.


Integrated Insight also supports the Dollywood Resort with operational studies to understand operational efficiencies and identify ways to improve the guest experience while managing overall costs. Through analysis of transactional data and on-site data collection, we are able to build demand-based labor models, optimize schedules and staffing levels,and better fit labor needs with expected visitor volume.


Customer Assessment, Demand and Revenue Forecasting, Pricing Strategy, Pro forma Development, Research & Consumer Insights, Revenue and Profit Optimization