Full Sail University

Full Sail University

Full Sail, an accredited university, offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees, on-campus and online, with a specialization in entertainment, media, and the arts.  The university has a stellar track-record for placing new graduates in industry related positions, and an extensive list of alumni who have been recognized with prestigious industry awards.

The Full Sail degree program is an intense and accelerated program, requiring a strong commitment from students.  To better understand student success rates and target marketing and programming appropriately, Full Sail engaged Integrated Insight to conduct a segmentation study among both current students and prospects.  Five distinct segments were identified, based on demographics, past work history, and the psychology behind seeking their respective degree.  In addition to profiling the segments and developing deeper insights, a short set of questions were developed that enabled Full Sail to pinpoint which segment likely fit prospective students, enabling more meaningful communications.

Subsequently, Integrated Insight conducted Barriers to Enrollment research to better understand what impedes potential students.  Sub-samples included those who recently enrolled, those who started the enrollment process but did not finish, and those that inquired about information but did not act.  Both students and parents or prospective students (where appropriate) were interviewed.  This research identified several operational opportunities and potential refinements to the sales process to help close the sale.


Customer Assessment, Segmentation Studies