Harlem Globetrotters Case Study

The iconic Original Harlem Globetrotters, a Herschend Family Entertainment business, was founded in 1926 and continues to entertain fans worldwide today. Teams play in over 450 shows annually, many in venues visited year after year. The management team engaged Integrated Insight to understand the market potential and how to optimize revenue across the franchise holistically. Through market by market analysis, we were able to identify where pricing opportunity was present and streamlined the categorization of markets and the number of tiers for seat pricing. A targeted reduction in discounts and promotions, coupled with a pricing structure that incented buy-up, resulted in a 30% plus improvement in net income. Recommendations were also made for marketing and distribution to increase demand, and organizational structure to facilitate subject matter experts and improve decision making.


Business Optimization, Market Assessment, Marketing, Sales, and Distribution Strategies, Pricing Strategy, Revenue and Profit Optimization