Korala case study Dominican Republic

Korala, Dominican Republic – Case Study

Korala is a planned attraction for the Dominican Republic which will appeal to both land and sea visitors. The attraction will have immersive entertainment, rides, a beach area and restaurants and shops. Integrated Insight was engaged to determine the project’s feasibility including estimated demand, pricing and capacity planning. An online, quantitative research study was conducted to test the concept’s appeal, identify the target audience, and provide input to demand forecasts and pricing. In addition, a market and competitive assessment was completed to understand current entertainment offerings and price ranges. Based on the final design, a capacity planning exercise was conducted to understand throughput, pinch points, and how well the planned activities could accommodate demand.


Business Optimization, Capacity Planning and Optimization, Concept Testing, Demand and Revenue Forecasting, Market Information Research, Marketing, Sales, and Distribution Strategies, New Business Strategy, Pricing Strategy, Research & Consumer Insights, Revenue and Profit Optimization