Lowe’s Home Improvement

Lowe’s Home Improvement

To remain relevant and compete effectively in a crowded home improvement market, Lowe’s engaged Integrated Insight to consult on developing strategic initiatives for the customer experience.  Our efforts included advisement on managing large scale change projects, development of business plans and proof of concept testing, and organizational alignment.

Integrated Insight continues to support specific change initiatives through customer qualitative and quantitative research.  Examples include focus groups with front line employees and leaders to ascertain reactions to newly designed Purpose and Values; quantitative research to determine patterns of behavior for holiday décor purchases; qualitative and quantitative research to test maintenance support concepts; in-store ethnography studies to understand browsing and shopping behavior; and profiling participants for Lowe’s quarterly, execute emersion sessions.  Research results have been used extensively to help set direction and bring ideas to execution.

Due to continued quality, integrity, and flexibility, as well as proven results, Integrated Insight has become a “go to” research partner for this well-established retail brand. Other research projects entail shop-alongs with consumers in both Lowe’s and competitor stores to understand shopping behavior; both qualitative and quantitative research to dive deeper into specific category expansion; and ethnography research with realtors, transportation planners, ethnic experts, and consumers to help plan future store development.


Concept Testing, Customer Experience & Employee Engagement, Strategy Design