mote marine case study capacity planning

Mote Marine – Case Study

Mote Marine engaged Integrated Insight for analytical support for their new aquarium in Sarasota, Florida. A peer-to-peer review of two estimates of forecasted demand was conducted to provide assurance regarding visitation and revenue potential. Leveraging current operations data, a market and competitive assessment, and our expertise in new attraction build and burn-off, we were able to calibrate the different estimates into a reasonable range of demand and revenue. Subsequently, Integrated Insight was engaged to assess operational reasonableness, specifically with event space on the fourth floor. Through agent-based simulation, we were able to visually depict the guest experience as different sized groups arrived at the aquarium, queued for the elevators and were transported to the event rooms. Within the event space, we simulated room configuration to highlight where pinch points would occur and how long it would take to service guests with the anticipated stations. We also depicted the mix of regular day guests with group/event guests for mix-in events. The simulation allowed Mote Marine to make structural changes in the design phase, avoiding costly re-work.


agent based simulation, Industrial Engineering