New York Botanical Garden

The New York Botanical Garden hosts over one million visitors annually, many of them coming for special exhibitions. The Garden has outgrown its existing exhibition space and has prioritized expansion as a key strategic initiative. To assist with strategic planning, NYBG engaged Integrated Insight to determine the market potential for future visitors, both locals and tourists, test concepts to incent demand among all audiences, and measure potential demand and revenue from said concepts.

Through a combination of secondary research of activities and attractions in the New York City area, and primary concept and demand research, we were able to determine the most promising new concepts among several studied. The research also highlighted the need to speak to both tourist and resident audiences to expand reach and generate new demand.

Integrated Insight also worked with New York Botanical Gardens to determine a capacity for their Holiday Train Show that would be safe to operate during the pandemic.  We built a detailed agent-based simulation model that took into account arrival rates, group demographics, overall length of stay, operational flow, and dwell times throughout the attraction.  The simulation allowed us to identify areas of high congestion and work together with the operations team to rearrange exhibits to balance the experience. Through making design changes to the layout of exhibits, we were able to recommend a daily capacity that was higher than would have been safe with the original layout.  These layout changes allowed them to increase their total potential revenue while still maintaining enough space for guests to socially distance themselves. Additionally, we identified areas of high guest density where further measures such as signage, ground markings, a designated pass pathway, or an employee monitoring guest flow would be needed to mitigate congestion.


agent based simulation, Business Optimization, Concept Testing, Demand and Revenue Forecasting, Market Assessment