Sea World Parks & Entertainment

Sea World Parks & Entertainment

Sea World Parks and Entertainment engaged Integrated Insight to conduct strategic revenue assessments for attractions in San Antonio, TX, Williamsburg, VA, and Philadelphia, PA. Collectively, recommendations identified a 13% improvement in operating income.

Primarily through the creation of tiered pricing structures that pull guests into desired behavior, and the recommendation to eliminate rich “Buy a Day, Get the Year” offers that forced aggressive pricing on single-day tickets, the parks would be positioned to offer better value to all guests, not just those looking for multi-day visits. For San Antonio in particular, uncoupling the water park from the theme park to capture the full value of the new Aquatica Water Park was critical.

In addition to tickets, recommendations were made for establishing bundled food and beverage products to incent buy-up and provide better value. Merchandise was also an opportunity through evaluation of SKU level data and providing recommendations for price increases and decreases, and packaged product. Additional recommendations for marketing, sales and distribution ensured key messages would be imbedded to quickly allow consumers to find the products and services that best fit their needs.

Integrated Insight has also partnered with Sea World Parks and Entertainment on feasibility studies for international expansion of their product line. Through a combination of secondary research and primary demand and pricing research, we were able to ascertain the most promising markets and narrow the list for further evaluation.


Demand and Revenue Forecasting, Market Assessment, Marketing, Sales, and Distribution Strategies, Pricing Strategy, Revenue and Profit Optimization