Vidanta Resorts – Case Study

Vidanta operates luxury hotels, golf courses, parks and entertainment at some of the most coveted beach locations in Mexico. Vidanta also offers an ownership product (membership) where owners pay a usage fee each visit rather than the traditional timeshare annual maintenance fee. In addition to the base of owners, Vidanta has many guests who are frequent visitors. To better service owners and convert more frequent visitors to members, Vidanta engaged Integrated Insight to develop a loyalty program that creates a tiered structure to provide the highest level of benefit to the most loyal members; provides high perceived value to guests while minimizing revenue dilution for Vidanta; shows strong value for ownership to improve conversion of frequent guests; and is sustainable over time and easily adaptable as new products and services are added. The next phase is to test the loyalty program proposed in custom research.


Business Optimization, Pricing Strategy, Revenue and Profit Optimization