Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages

To deliver on consumer and travel trade expectations, and “get it right the first time”, Virgin Voyages has engaged Integrated Insight to conduct both qualitative and quantitative research and assist with capacity planning and optimization.

Research has included potential guests, crew members, and travel trade partners – both qualitative and quantitative research – to develop a cruise product that is both consistent with the Virgin brand and capable of meeting the expectations of discerning travelers.

Throughout the design process, Integrated Insight has lent their vast experience with cruising and port experiences to help Virgin Voyages design ships that are both state-of-the-art and functional, and port experiences that provide a seamless transition from ship to shore. Both guest and crew components are taken into consideration when optimizing limited onboard space.


Capacity Planning and Optimization, Concept Testing, Customer Experience & Employee Engagement, Operational Efficiency and Process Improvement, Strategy Design

Cruise & Rail, Resorts