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Good marketing drives topline growth. Great marketing strategy drives bottom line, too.

The Integrated Insight Difference

Focused on Your Customer

Our consumer-centric approach to both the art and science of marketing and distribution strategy, ensures a win-win proposition for both your customer and your business.

Holistic Approach

We analyze your business holistically to develop recommendations that maximize effectiveness and optimize return on investment of current and potential marketing and distribution efforts.

Pro Forma Development

Recommended marketing and distribution strategies are supported by pro forma analysis and pro-active measurement plans to objectively evaluate performance.

Hands-On Support

We help monitor execution and systematically course correct to ensure delivery of intended goals.

Our Approach


We work directly with your teams to understand current strategy and performance. We collect information including historical transactional sales data, e-commerce analytics, ad performance, and third party sales and nets and commissions, to understand the ROI of individual programs and initiatives.


Through detailed, holistic data analysis, we identify what is working well and where results are less than expected. In addition, we analyze competition for your customer's wallet and identify how to out-perform their market strategies.


We assess current gaps in your business and define the role marketing and sales can play to address them. We then strategize the most effective marketing solutions and investments required to fill those gaps.

Featured Case Studies

When To Focus on Marketing and Distribution Strategy

• Measurement of marketing and distribution initiatives indicates less than desired performance.

• Your customer acquisition costs are high and lifetime value is low.

• Marketing and distribution efforts have not kept up with changes in how customers engage.

• You need a go-to-market strategy for a new product.

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