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The Integrated Insight Difference

Comprehensive Analysis

We work with all organizational levels to be sure we understand detailed operational nuances as well as big-picture mission.

Organizational Alignment

We identify optimal processes, roles, and responsibilities to assist with organizational and
cultural changes.

 Advanced Workload Models

We develop robust forecasting and workload models to consistently and accurately predict demand and understand total workload needs.

Workforce Management Strategies

We provide strategies on starting and organizing workforce management and scheduling teams, with an eye on maintaining or even improving customer satisfaction through minimizing wait times and eliminating pain points.

Our Approach


We perform observational studies and gather historical data to capture metrics on core tasks within the operation.


We forecast consumer demand and the associated workload by leveraging historical data and observed transaction times. We work with the team to understand operational nuances, business rules for staffing, and desired service levels.


We provide robust labor workload models identifying the number of resources needed and optimal shift schedules to ensure the right number of people are staffed at the right times.

Featured Case Studies

Slide Virgin Voyages - Optimizing Staff Within a Limited Space Environment Workforce Optimization Virgin Voyages engaged Integrated Insight to help determine the number of stations and staff required to deliver Customer Service Desk and Shore Excursion Desk services. A survey was conducted among past cruisers to determine incidence of using these services, the nature of their visit to the desk and approximately how long it took to resolve their issue. This information was then applied to expected demand for the ship in total to calculate staffing requirements. Slide hotel workforce optimization Wyndham Hotels and Resorts - Demand-Based Labor Models for Resorts Workforce Optimization Wyndham Hotels and Resorts requested a labor optimization model be created to manage staffing in their front desk, housekeeping and maintenance operations. Multi-model machine learning was used to forecast time-based demand for each type of task and in-person and digital data collection was implemented to determine the expected duration of each task. Once total work was predicted, staffing plans were derived from stochastic estimates of required guest service levels.
Slide Carnival Corporation research Carnival Cruise Line -Streamlining Photography Sales and Support Workforce Optimization To improve revenue through sales of photography, Integrated Insight conducted a multi-faceted study of Photo Operations and Sales. The effort included an onboard assessment of the operation, identifying efficiency measures and factors to improve the guest experience and ability to purchase. While onboard, qualitative research was conducted to test new photography concepts that would provide guests more choice while expediting the process and increasing revenue.

When To Conduct Workforce Optimization

  • You have a manual or decentralized scheduling process.
  • You notice times when you feel short-staffed and times when your labor is under-utilized.
  • Your labor costs as percentage of total costs continues to grow year-over-year.
  • There may be profit upside if labor matches demand.
restuarant workforce optimization

Case Study

Using Agent-Based Simulation to Validate Staffing Models

Agent-based simulation modeling illustrates an active virtual operation to validate staffing needs to accommodate demand. Agent-based simulation models identify the impact of variable changes on the encompassing operation and system dynamics, such as the impact of staffing configurations on customer wait time, emergent barriers to slow transaction times, and the consequences of overwhelming demand.

From the Experts

workforce optimization

Featured Insights

Re-evaluating Labor Needs in Post-Covid World

Amid furloughs, budget cuts, and uncertain futures, analytically assessing the right number of staff is crucial to achieving a good customer experience while minimizing labor costs.

Featured Insights

How To Maximize Restaurant Throughput By Minimizing Table Turn Time

How can food and beverage locations maximize throughput given that they can’t serve as many people in the dining room at once?

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