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Too much capacity stresses operating finances. Too little capacity stresses your customers.

The Integrated Insight Difference


We always start with the consumer – understanding who wants the product, as well as discerning when, what, and how much they demand.

Iterative Process

We work iteratively with our clients, identifying issues as we see them arise, and incorporating changes as we go to develop the optimal product launch. Our goal is to help you operationalize your creative vision.

Model Development

We develop robust analytical models, including full simulations if warranted, to quantify the impact of design changes. This allows our clients to iterate design changes, taking the impact on operating metrics into account.

Ongoing Assessment of Risk
Ongoing Assessment

During the iterative process, final decisions are made by you. Our job is to identify where there is risk, such as a capacity deficit or surplus, and provide recommendations for actionable mitigations to smooth demand or optimize capacity.

Our Approach


We explore the existing data to assess current capacity and consumer demand, understanding how this may vary by time of day, day of week, or time of year.


We identify opportunities to optimize current capacity and build models to capture variability.


We provide a thorough demand analysis with corresponding capacity recommendations and solutions to mitigate risk.

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When To Perform Capacity Planning

• The production process seems suboptimal or expensive.

• Investment in infrastructure to deliver the new product or service is substantial, and capacity planning will help identify how much to build.

• Major changes in processes, demand, or product will affect the capacity needed.

• The risk of demand exceeding supply is a possibility and “Plan B” supply chain scenarios need to be identified.

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