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Schematic design depicts what you think you should build. Simulation shows how consumers will actually use it.

The Integrated Insight Difference

Simulation Experts

We are experts at agent-based simulation, where artificial intelligence allows us to program in the variability and unpredictability of people.

Visual Demonstration

We develop movies to visually depict the operation you are building and provide all metrics from the models for use in planning.

Flexible Approach

We are flexible in our approach. We can model areas of concern or the entire operation.


We work iteratively with our clients, keeping them aware of issues we see and incorporating changes as we go.

Our Approach


We work with designers, operators, and executives to understand the questions that need to be answered and collect the data needed for modeling.


Our decades of simulation experience and proprietary modules allow us to quickly build a base model to compare to future-state scenarios.


We provide a detailed analysis of scenarios designed to answer key questions about the operation.  In-depth statistics about the guest experience accompany a 3D movie of the operation to fully demonstrate recommended implementation.

Featured Case Studies

Slide meow wolf las vegas simulation Meow Wolf - Simulating the Guest Experience to Avoid Costly Design Missteps Simulation Modeling Meow Wolf engaged Integrated Insight to evaluate expected capacity and operational flow for a new installation. A detailed agent-based simulation model was built to understand variability in expected guest arrival rate, transaction time, guest interaction duration by element, and navigational decisions. The simulation dynamically adjusted for guest decisions impacted by congestion and crowding and identified critical pinch points and guest experience impacts as attendance increased.
Slide Mote Marine - Simulating Vertical Transport to Understand Capacity Constraints Simulation Modeling Mote Marine engaged Integrated Insight for analytical support for their new aquarium in Sarasota, Florida. Integrated Insight assessed operational reasonableness through agent-based simulation. The guest experience was visually depicted, showing the impact of different sized groups, queuing for elevators and use of event space.
Slide Biltmore - Realizing Operational Savings Through Bus Optimization Simulation Modeling Biltmore is an extensive 8,000+ acre property in North Carolina with several attractions. Integrated Insight was asked to evaluate optimal routing structure for property-wide bus service for each period of seasonal demand. An agent-based simulation model was developed, taking into account variables such as guest arrival rate, guest destination, loading/unloading time, and bus capacities. These assumptions were based on in-person data collection, system data, automated data collection, and previous project experience.
Slide 480 Holdings manufacturing plant simulation 480 Holdings - Improving Bottling Plant Capacity with Discrete Event Simulation Simulation Modeling 480 Holdings engaged Integrated Insight to evaluate capacity and required resources for a water bottling plant located in the Republic of Fiji. Space constraints related to the receiving and movement of raw materials, work in progress, dunnage within the factory, and the loading/shipping operations (i.e., pallet staging, container loading, truck operations), were evaluated using discrete event simulation. The simulation mirrored real-world conditions and identified potential bottlenecks and capacity surpluses/deficits.
Slide Attraction Simulation - Understanding the Impact of Social Distancing on Capacity Simulation Modeling Integrated Insight worked with a regional attraction to determine socially distanced capacity for a high-attendance annual event. An agent-based simulation model was built to identify areas of high congestion and how exhibits could be rearranged to balance the experience. Through design changes, higher daily capacity was achieved. Slide New Entertainment Venue - Collaborating with Designers and Architects Using Iterative Agent-Based Simulation Simulation Modeling With an interest in expanding their entertainment offering, an international resort engaged Integrated Insight for agent-based simulation modeling. We worked hand-in-hand with our client’s designers, architects, interior designers, and show producers to simulate the end-to-end experience of a theater expansion. Models helped identify pinch points, bottlenecks, and opportunities for more creative use of space. The simulation facilitated capacity planning to estimate how much demand could be accommodated before the experience began to suffer, and rapid exit by all guests to simulate the operation’s ability to handle emergencies.

When To Perform Simulation Modeling

When to Perform Simulation Modeling

  • Variable human behavior can have a significant impact on the operation.
  • The cost of structural changes or ongoing operating budgets warrants getting it right the first time.
  • When complexity across operations makes it difficult to solve through analytics alone.
  • Multiple scenarios need to be tested to determine feasibility and benefits.

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