In-Person / Online, Qualitative / Quantitative Research

Capturing consumer feedback is best done in the moment.

The Integrated Insight Difference

Leverage the Right Techniques

Finding consumers where they are dictates methodology. For more transient consumers or visitors, this often means in-person intercepts, even to ask them to complete a survey on a tablet provided, or once they return home.

Maintain Constant Quality Control

Daily, we monitor our data for quality including randomness of sample, meaningful open-end responses and that the surveys were thoughtfully completed. Meeting goals for number of completed surveys is important, but quality rules.

Hire the Right Talent

Great interviewers are like great salespeople. They genuinely enjoy people, engage with charm, are tenacious in “closing the sale” and focus on their goals.  Great analysts are like research scientists. They have a commitment to data integrity, and know how to dig deep to uncover the most meaningful insights. Both understand the importance of what they do.

Flexibly Adjust and Respond

We consider ourselves to be your thinking partners. We look for and recommend quick changes to overcome obstacles, whether doing in-person interviewing or using online purchased or client generated contacts.

Our Approach

Identify a Solution

We work with you to confirm the right methodology to meet your business objectives, solving the how, where, and when details.

Execute, Monitor, Analyze

Our decades of experience drives our focus on quality. We monitor data collection closely to ensure data integrity. Our analysis delivers on client objectives and more.

Results and Recommendations

Research is only as good as what is communicated. We deliver actionable reports and dashboards, connecting the dots and identifying opportunities.

Featured Case Studies

Slide Laguardia airport terminal b research case study LaGuardia Gateway Partners - Using In-Person Research to Measure Progress with Re-Development In-Person Research LaGuardia Gateway Partners leveraged Integrated Insight for in-person research to deliver on expectations of a $4B redevelopment project on Terminal B at LaGuardia Airport. Our services allowed the team to hear first-hand from airport guests relative to amenities, services, and brand experiences.
Slide Airport Intercepts - Collecting Data for Passenger Satisfaction Studies In-Person Research Integrated Insight conducts ongoing research at both Wayne County (Detroit) and Tampa International airports in support of passenger satisfaction. For the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau, visitation surveys are conducted daily at Miami International Airport and the Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood airport. For Visit Orlando, visitation surveys are conducted at Orlando International Airport. Slide CareerSource Central Florida - Using Ethnography to Target Products and Services In-Person Research Ethnography research was conducted in CareerSource Central Florida offices to better understand the unique nature of client needs and how CareerSource agents assisted them with their particular objectives. Clients are typically seeking assistance with a variety of job search needs, and the research helped inform strengths and opportunities for CareerSource to deliver the right products and services to the right customers.

When To Perform In-Person Research

  • The event or activity being studied is generally localized.
  • Participant contact information is unavailable, digitally or otherwise.
  • You want to collect observational, on-the-ground information as well as surveys from participants.
  • Touch or sight are necessary components of the data collection.
  • Capturing feedback in the moment is important for accurate recall.
  • It is important to confirm respondents actually participated or did something specific while in the general area.

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