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The ultimate value chain: committed leaders > engaged employees > satisfied customers.

The Integrated Insight Difference

We Learned from the Best: Disney

Attention to detail and going above and beyond is permanently ingrained in our psyche. We know how to formulate satisfaction and employee engagement research to elevate organizations to a higher level of performance.

A Holistic Approach

We view your operation like a customer. Often, the most problematic situations occur between departments, not within. We structure research to uncover root cause issues and elevate the whole.

Development of Operational Standards

Converting what customers want and need to what employees should do can be difficult. Yet having standards of operation is what ensures consistent delivery of service. We do the hard work for you, including eliminating outdated protocols and providing focus, and using research to measure against those standards.

Proof of Concept

Proving the value of investing in customer service can be elusive. We have a proven track record for measuring success and using research based metrics to justify additional resources where needed. See our Disney case study below.

Our Approach


We design with performance measurement in mind. Your performance, not the questions and metrics that work for every other company too. Every questionnaire is customized to address the goals and opportunities you want to address.


We dig deeper to connect the dots. We marry your customer satisfaction results with employee engagement surveys to better understand best in class performance and why under-performing areas may be falling behind.


We recognize satisfaction surveys have multiple audiences. Operators need detailed, real-time data, daily if possible. Executives need key performance indicators, trended over time. We deliver the right information, to the right audiences, at the right time.

Featured Case Studies

Slide lowes case study Lowe's Home Improvement - Stronger Performance Through Focused Purpose and Values Satisfaction and Engagement Research Lowe’s engaged Integrated Insight to help formulate and implement newly designed Purpose and Values standards of operation. Through both qualitative and quantitative research with customers and employees, we were able to uncover root cause issues of stronger performance and how to align around business objectives for service. What customers wanted was translated into what employees should do, and what employees needed to deliver was translated into what front line leaders should be responsible for managing. The effort involved weeks of discussions and focus groups across the country, inclusive of front line workers, managers, and executives. Slide Carnival Corporation research Carnival Corporation - Ethnography Studies to Help Raise the Bar on Customer Satisfaction Satisfaction and Engagement Research With a focus on improving the customer experience, Carnival Corporation engaged Integrated Insight to conduct ethnography studies aboard ten sailings on four different cruise lines. Panelists were invited to participate via a personal email invitation and pre-interviewed by phone prior to their trip. During the cruise, participants met with the Integrated Insight team every other day and on alternate days, check-in via in-stateroom voice mail. The research helped inform how day to day activities and interactions influenced choice and satisfaction, leading to focused product and service improvements. Slide AAA Carolinas Satisfaction and Engagement Research AAA Carolinas is part of the American Automobile Association network serving North and South Carolina. Realizing the importance of team member performance and their impact on overall customer service, AAA Carolinas engaged Integrated Insight to conduct an Employee Engagement survey with over 1,400 employees. Topics of workplace productivity, inclusiveness, opportunities for doing meaningful work, interteam dependencies and cooperation, leadership support, and intent to recommend AAA as a place to work, helped the organization focus on factors most critical to improving the employee experience and subsequently, customer service. Integrated Insight was integral in defining the linkage between employee engagement and company profitability. Slide World Residences at Sea - Measuring Owner Satisfaction and Employee Engagement to Maintain Exceptional Experience Satisfaction and Engagement Research The World Residences at Sea is a unique cruise ownership model that redefines luxury at sea. The World travels to ports around the globe each year, on itineraries collectively determined by the owners. Integrated Insight conducted an annual Owner Survey and an annual Employee Excellence Survey for the The World management team. The surveys recognized the importance of crew on the owner experience and helped define standards of service. Additional topics of interest allowed both owners and employees to voice preferences for new products and services Slide The Impact of Customer Experience Assessments at Walt Disney World
Satisfaction and Engagement Research While still employed by Disney, the Integrated Insight team carried responsibility for identifying and proving the business case for customer service, resulting in millions of dollars of re-investment in service enhancements, training and leadership development as the company engaged in a “Back to the Basics” initiative. Extensive qualitative and quantitative research unveiled guest perceptions and expectations, which was supplemented with research among front line cast members and leaders to uncover barriers to delivering excellent service. New standards were developed and condensed into simple guidelines of what cast members should do to deliver on what guests want. A test/control study was established to measure results. A double-digit improvement in ratings and return intent led to a property-wide implementation.
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When To Perform Satisfaction and Engagement Research

  • Satisfaction ratings, intent to recommend, and intent to return are below where you believe they should be.
  • You need to prove the value of great customer service to secure investment funds.
  • You believe there are issues in customer service and employee engagement that need to be addressed.
  • You are ready to elevate your organization to best-in-class through a concerted customer service focus.

Need to perform satisfaction and engagement research?

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