All customers are not alike. Speak to them like you know this.

The Integrated Insight Difference

Actionable Segments

We marry demographics, behaviors, and psychographics to develop actionable segments. If you can’t find them, you can’t speak to them.

Multi-Sourced Data

We work with other providers that you engage to work their databases into the segmentation schema.

Persona Development

We build personas for each segment, bringing their personalities to life with a storyboard of demographics, behaviors, psychographics, and images.

Quick Assessment Typing Tool

We conduct further analysis to identify a small number of questions that accurately segment a customer with over 85% accuracy. This makes the segmentation even more actionable among potential prospects.

Our Approach

Collaborative Development

Designing an effective segmentation questionnaire requires close collaboration with internal marketing, sales and product development teams as well as external ad agencies and experience designers. We synthesize input and produce a respondent ready survey.

Advanced Statistical Analysis

We leverage multiple approaches including latent class analysis, k-means clustering, factor analysis and two-step cluster analysis to reduce many variables to the most defining set of questions. We both “back-cast” the existing data and leverage additional research to test the predictability of the segmentation schema.

Making Segments Actionable

Each segment is also sized to help inform potential demand and revenue opportunities. Through infographic reporting and development of story-driven personas, we bring the segments to life.

Featured Case Studies

Slide Universal Studios Hollywood - Targeting Consumers for Diverse Product Offering in Hyper-Competitive Market Customer Segmentation Studies A holistic segmentation study was completed for Universal Studios Hollywood, inclusive of local residents, domestic tourists, and international tourists. As both a theme park and working studio, Universal provides compelling experiences for unique audiences, but competes among an over-abundance of things to do in Southern California. Capturing potential visitors required a thorough understanding of who they are and why they have ventured to SoCal. Subsequently, we developed a typing tool for both at-home and in-park consumers to leverage the segmentation study effectively. Slide brightline segmentation case study Brightline - Introducing a New Form of Transportation to a Traditional Drive Market Customer Segmentation Studies Brightline is the fast transit train in South Florida, and engaged Integrated Insight for both segmentation and pricing research. Initial phases of development include routes between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, and Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, with future extension to Orlando. Residents of the region rely heavily on driving personal vehicles, particularly the north-south routes of I-95 and Florida's turnpike which can easily become parking lots multiple times a day. In addition to the resident population, millions of tourists add to the population daily. Integrated Insight worked hand-in-hand with Brightline to determine core audience segments, size the geographic and behavioral markets, and develop personas to bring potential customers to life. Slide canyons resort segmentation study Canyons Village at Park City - Segmenting Destination Skiers to Speak to Diverse Motivations and Barriers CUSTOMER SEGMENTATION STUDIES Even before merging with Park City Mountain Resorts to form Park City, Canyons Resort was the largest ski and snowboard resort in Utah. To better understand their market and reach audiences with differentiated messages, Canyons engaged Integrated Insight to conduct segmentation and sizing research. Demographic, behavioral and psychographic factors were surveyed and factor analysis used to identify four key segments, each with different motivators and barriers. By understanding the prevalence of consumer attitudes and perceptions, Canyons was able to leverage emotional engagement and intangible aspects of ski vacations and go beyond messaging product offerings. In addition, the size of each segment was determined, which ultimately helped inform how marketing spend would be allocated.
Slide Full Sail University - Segmenting Students to Better Fit Curriculum to Specific Needs Customer Segmentation Studies Full Sail University offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees, on-campus and online, with a specialization in entertainment, media, and the arts. The university has a stellar track-record for placing new graduates in industry related positions, and an extensive list of alumni who have been recognized with prestigious industry awards.

The Full Sail degree program is an intense and accelerated program, requiring a strong commitment from students. To better understand student success rates and target marketing and programming appropriately, Full Sail engaged Integrated Insight to conduct a segmentation study among both current students and prospects. Five distinct segments were identified, based on demographics, past work history, and the psychology behind seeking their respective degree. In addition to profiling the segments and developing deeper insights, a short set of questions were developed that enabled Full Sail to pinpoint which segment likely fit prospective students, enabling more meaningful communications.

Slide Holiday Inn Club Vacations - Identifying Future Prospects Through Segmentation Customer Segmentation Studies A brand segmentation was developed for Holiday Inn Club Vacations to better target potential prospects for timeshare ownership and resort stays. The segmentation incorporated demographic, psychographic, and vacation behavioral questions to identify the most likely prospects, and the size of each segment was developed to help prioritize marketing spend.

Personas were developed to help bring the segments to life and infographics prepared to easily see similarities and differences between segments. Once the segmentation was finalized, a typing tool was developed to profile inquiriers and quickly predict their most likely segment.

When To Conduct Customer Segmentation Studies

When to Conduct Customer Segmentation Studies

  • You want to get more from your existing marketing and sales efforts, and eliminate wasteful spending by targeting consumers with more relevant messages.
  • You are developing a new business and want to reach the most relevant consumers at launch. While many consumers may be viable prospects, understanding who the early adopters will be helps jumpstart the endeavor.
  • You are developing new products or services and recognize that not all of your customers think alike. Customization during the development process will ensure you build something that will appeal to multiple targets.
  • You want to put a “face” on your consumers, based on data and insights, and size the opportunity for specific audiences.

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