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Who, what, where, when and how. Estimating the economic value of a visitor.

The Integrated Insight Difference

We Meet Visitors Where They Are

We are not selling a system and are indifferent to the ones you choose to use. Our goal is to help you make the most of the investment through research customized to your venue or destination.

We Integrate Information Sources

Airline/airport statistics, hotel and peer-to-peer reservations, sales and resort taxes, cell-phone tracking data, and video from drones or on-the-ground operations can all be used to triangulate with primary research to further inform visitor metrics.

We Triangulate Multiple Methods

We thrive in messy data. Leveraging multiple information sources and methods, we triangulate on the most sound estimates of visitor volume and spending.

Hands-On Management of Field Work

We understand the intricate nature of tracking visitors to an area or event. Our team closely supervises data collection to ensure randomness and accurate representation of visitors is upheld. All interviewers are employees of Integrated Insight.

Our Approach


We customize visitation surveys to meet your needs and get the most out of potential respondents as possible. Adding additional questions to inform topical issues is easy for us to do.


Understanding patterns of behavior, spending, and satisfaction by visitor segment helps inform future product, marketing and sales initiatives.


Monthly interactive dashboards provide the most pertinent information along with trend data. Executive reporting and visitor volume estimates are in addition to monthly reporting.

Featured Case Studies

Slide Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau - Measuring Visitor Volume and Economic Impact in a Tourism Hot Spot Visitation Studies Integrated Insight is the partner of choice for the Greater Miami Convention and Visitor Bureau for conducting the ongoing Visitor Profile survey for Miami-Dade county and forecasting visitor volume and economic impact. The in-house Integrated Insight field team conducts in-person surveys daily at MIA and FLL as well as area attractions and tourist hot spots. Florida residents are interviewed monthly online relative to their travel to Miami-Dade county. Full survey results are reported monthly and visitor volume estimates are produced quarterly. A full, insightful report is distributed to the members of GMCVB annually. Slide visit orlando Visit Orlando - In-Person Intercepts to Capture Trip Behavior Visitation Studies Integrated Insight conducts in-person interviews at Orlando International Airport and at official visitor centers on behalf of Visit Orlando. The survey helps frame the mix of tourists to the area and other demographics and metrics to help their membership better understand market dynamics. Slide Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood - Capturing Tourists In Market to Inform New Product Appeal and Potential Visitation Studies As part of a larger engagement to understand the potential appeal and demand for a new concept, Integrated Insight conducted in-person surveys with Southern California locals and tourists. This in-person research provided an early understanding of concept perceptions, informing the content for later online research. The in-person research also allowed for comparisons of the perceptions of those in-market relative to the hypothetical responses of tourists who intended a future Southern California visit as captured in the online research.

When To Perform Visitation Studies

  • You need to better understand transient populations that impact a business or place.
  • You are justifying funding and budgets to reach the target audience.
  • You are interested in further developing an event and need visitor input.
  • You are determining economic impact of product, marketing and sales efforts.

Need to perform a visitation study?

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