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How to Determine Operational Capacity in a Covid-19 World

Determining the right operational capacity for establishments depend on four key items: space, customer density, operational flow, and process time.

How Loyalty Programs Can Help Businesses in Post-Covid Economy

Customer loyalty programs help businesses in the post COVID economy by increasing customer retention and achieving low customer acquisition costs.

Generational Perspectives on the New Economy

While young adults have fewer personal health concerns in regards to the coronavirus, financial concerns tell us a different story. Conversely, our older generation is the least financially affected by the crisis, yet are the most at risk from the virus itself.

Myth-Busting In-Person Research in a Socially Distanced World

There are several myths that market researchers hold on to that prevents them from engaging in in-person market research. Let’s take a look at these myths to understand why right now is a good time to implement in-person research.

How Agent-Based Simulation Can Help Reduce Impact of Queue Management Post COVID-19

Queue management has a significant impact on the bottom line. Efficient queues increase throughput, brand loyalty, and customer satisfaction.

You Can’t Cut Your Way To Profitability – Rethink Your Revenue Strategy

In a downturn, many companies make severe cost cuts that sacrifice total revenue and profit margin.

Adapting Your Marketing Plans for the Coronavirus Downturn

The COVID-19 outbreak presents marketers with tough decisions. For many, this may be the most crucial time in their company’s history to stay connected to audiences.

Pricing Strategies To Focus On During The Coronavirus Pandemic

In times of crisis, there is risk of making short term pricing decisions that will have long term impacts. Severe price increases, deep discounts, and price wars will have long-term negative consequences.

How to Communicate Pricing

After you have researched and created a strategy, how are you supposed to communicate pricing to consumers? A well designed...

Why Focus on Pricing

It is important to focus on pricing to achieve profitability. Increasing revenue will help alleviate some of the cost pain...