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The Making of Magic Your Way

Faced with the challenge of making a week-long vacation at Walt Disney World more affordable and maintaining share in an increasingly competitive theme park market, the principals of Integrated Insight, Inc. designed, developed, and implemented Magic Your Way, the most sweeping change in revenue strategy in Walt Disney Company history.

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Communicating Pricing
A well designed pricing strategy will provide inherent levers to help move consumers along the continuum of products and services available for sale.  How pricing is communicated is critical to execution.  Learn more about the importance of being: Clear; Consistent; and Compelling.
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why focus on pricing strategy
Why Focus on Pricing?
Many companies try to increase topline revenue by driving product demand. But having an effective pricing strategy can be equally, if not more impactful, considering that a 1% increase in price realization often equates to a 5% to 10% improvement in net income. Learn how to find the right price for your consumers.
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Developing Pricing Strategy
The discipline of pricing continues to evolve in many organizations, but often lags the insight and structure found in sales and marketing.  Regardless of the size of your business, having a set of principles to guide pricing decisions will prove beneficial.
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promotions pricing how to execute successful promotions with guidelines
Promotional Pricing
Discounts and promotions, if executed well, are an effective way to help boost revenue.  While you want to steer clear of making the “sales” price your everyday offer, discounts needn’t be feared either.  It is all about the design, execution, and post period measurement.
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Researcher's Toolkit
Are you seeking help with survey programming or tabulation? The Researcher’s Toolkit will throw you a lifeline and provide you with some insights to how our team may be able to help you.
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