Michael Colom

Sr. Consultant

Michael Colom brings expertise in research and consumer insights. His adaptation for data visualization and analysis allows him to transform a complex set of data into clear tactics for organizations.

Prior to Integrated Insight, Michael performed a Senior Analyst role for Wayfair, where he leveraged statistical software packages to mine survey data. By integrating client traffic and transactional data, Michael augmented operational analysis and strategies. By applying his expertise with R, Michael was able to automate and optimize Wayfair’s open-end coding procedures.

Before Wayfair, Michael worked for Service Management Group as a Research Analyst. In this role, Michael analyzed survey data, combining it with external and internal data sources to create holistic and actionable insights. Michael also utilized Python and R to automate and increase efficiency for the entire Research Team.

Michael has an MBA from the University of Phoenix and a BS in Mass Communication and Public Relations from Wright State University.

For immediate help contact Michael Colom at mcolom@integratedinsight.com