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Fair Oaks Farms Research brand tracking and business strategy

Guests at Fair Oaks Farms can enjoy a variety of activities including the Cow Adventure, the Pig Adventure, the Crop Adventure and Mooville, a children’s play area. In addition, the property is home to a hotel, the Farmhouse restaurant and the Cowfe restaurant and deli. To help improve demand and revenue, the management team engaged Integrated Insight to conduct qualitative research, a Market and Competitive Assessment and a Strategic Revenue Assessment.

To improve demand, substantial changes in marketing were recommended including addressing the distinctly different businesses by recognizing how each is consumed by their respective visitors; increasing awareness and knowledge through strategic marketing and sales efforts including being where consumers are looking for information; allowing people to see Fair Oaks Farms as a place for them through photography used in marketing; and better leveraging the natural fit with STEM programs for group business. Pricing recommendations included reducing the price per individual attraction and leveraging the value of bundled products to pull guests into higher spend. Implementing recommendations had the potential to drive a 20% to 30% increase in revenue.

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Services: Pricing Strategy, Competitive Market Assessment, Revenue Strategy